Procedures and Local Permits

Procedures and Local Permits

The request for formal authorization to carry out audiovisual productions in the municipality of Porto Alegre is made exclusively through the PMPA website (services tab) or through the link:



Audiovisual productions, carried out on public roads in Porto Alegre, are scaled by the impact caused, which will also determine the deadline for authorizations. The impact grading is measured as follows:

1. Non-existent impact: when there is no need ofintervention or without using a public road. Access to private spaces, license is not required. 

2. Low impact: when there is no need to block and/or isolate the road for parking.

3. Medium impact: when there is a need to isolate an area/parking spaces within up to 50 meters and/or a momentary blockage of the road (a momentary block is considered to be the intervention of traffic/vehicles for up to three consecutive minutes).

4. Great impact: when there is a need to isolate the area/spaces for parking more than 50 meters and/or permanent blocking of the road.


The authorization will be issued after completing the following procedures:

1. Filling in the data requested on the site (click here)

Note: The Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) states that the obligation to signal is the responsibility of the person responsible for the execution or maintenance of the work or event.


2. Deadlines

03 (three) business days prior to the scheduled date for the low-impact audiovisual production.

05 (five) working days prior to the scheduled date for the medium impact audiovisual production.

10 (ten) working days prior to the expected date for the high impact audiovisual production.

Respect for the minimum notice period and filling in correctly this application are the responsibility of the applicant. Incorrect, incomplete or untrue filling and failure to respect the minimum notice period may result in the request being rejected.