Institutional Support

The Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development and Tourism, through the Municipal Audiovisual Production Support Office – Porto Alegre Film Commission, has a policy of institutionally supporting audiovisual productions that focus on content production.

Institutional Support is justified, considering the potential for audience reach and consequent visibility of the destination. In addition, the broadcasting of productions can also stimulate the interest of others, which will represent the entry of dividends in the city.

The objective of the Porto Alegre Film Commission in supporting productions is to act as a facilitator in the dialogue with other secretariats and logistical issues, in order to promote the city as a destination for national and international productions, as a reference in terms of the quality of its productions in the specialized market, as well as the diversity of its locations.

Furthermore, it seeks (1) to emphasize Porto Alegre's positioning as one of the main centers of reference in the audiovisual sector, both in terms of professional excellence and the quality of locations; (2) strengthen the role of the Porto Alegre Film Commission as a partner for the promotion of the audiovisual sector; (3) encourage the Porto Alegre Film Commission's relationship with industry actors (local players); (4) professionalization of the sector; (5) income generation and (06) promotion of film tourism.

Also, in addition to promoting dialogue for authorizations and releases with the responsible public departments and agencies, whenever necessary, it also uses the seal of institutional supporter as a facilitator of negotiations with private agents, as well as using the Porto Alegre Film Commission's communication channels for publicizing the project/work.

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