Filming in Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre, a single place with all the scenarios.

With its look like of a small metropolis with 1.4 million inhabitants, Porto Alegre surprises by bringing together all the scenarios in one place, like a large studio for productions.

Located at the meeting of different natural systems, the city has a geography of diverse landscapes and environments for a variety of locations. Porto Alegre has urban and rural settings, with hills and native forests; historic and contemporary buildings, as well as parks and a large lake with beaches and many islands.

The city experiences the four seasons of the year in a remarkable way, with its own climates, colors and luminosities. The night is varied in refined, alternative, bohemian or underground environments. The cultural circuit is also a strong point. Colonized by Portuguese, German, Italian and Afro-descendant immigrants, among others, this diversity enriches any cast.

Qualified workforce in the audiovisual area, centers of excellence in technical training, an updated production park and competitive costs have made the city one of the main centers of audiovisual production in Brazil, and a reference in the national advertising and cinema market.

Adding all this together, plus the speed of travel within the city, which makes a day of locations yield much more, and the support of the Porto Alegre Film Commission, the Capital of Rio Grande do Sul reveals itself as a great destination for audiovisual productions.

As if all these elements were not enough, in the surroundings of the city, no more than 150 km away, it is possible to expand the diversity of options in Serra Gaúcha, with mountainous scenery, typical flora, waterfalls, canyons and bucolic city, as well as in coastal scenarios.