Advantages of filming in the city

• Located in the extreme south of the country, the city has a privileged position in relation to Mercosur, both due to its geographical and cultural proximity. It also has easy and fast air connections to the main national and international audiovisual production centers.

• Pleasant climate, with well-defined seasons and a characteristic luminosity of the city that makes productions possible at all times of the year. In summer there is even more time of sunlight, getting dark only after 8pm.

• Diverse scenarios point to the city's potential for locations, with coverage for the metropolitan region and quick access to the coast and mountains.

• Visual quality of casting due to ethnic diversity, resulting from the immigration process that marked the formation of the municipality and the State.

• Reduced average cost for production.

• Qualified workforce.

• Ease of displacement: with a smaller urban perimeter and more fluid traffic, compared to the main national production hubs, the distances between locations in the city are shortened, which gives more efficiency to the production day.

• Bureaucratic process streamlined by the Porto Alegre Film Commission for authorizations, with facility for installations.