Useful Information


Porto Alegre has several exchange agencies where international currency can be bought and sold. These exchanges are made based on market trends that may be higher or lower than the official exchange rate.

Brazilian national currency: Real (R$)


There is an extensive banking network in Porto Alegre, including national banks and foreign capital institutions with branches throughout Brazil (Banco do Brasil, Santander, Itaú, HSBC, Banrisul, Bradesco, Caixa, etc). ATMs are available throughout the metropolitan area. Banks operate from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday (except holidays).


The major international credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.) are accepted in Porto Alegre when purchasing goods and services.


Consular Agency of the United States of America

Address: Av. Assis Brazil, 4320/84 - Sarandi

Contact: (51) 3226.3344


General Consulate of Germany

Address: Rua Prof. Annes Dias 112 - Historic Center

Contact: (51) 3224.9255


General Consulate of Argentina

Address: Rua Coronel Bordini 1033 –Moinhos de Vento

Contact: (51) 3321.1360


General Consulate of Spain

Address: Av. Carlos Gomes, 222 / 301 - Auxiliadora

Contact: (51) 3321.1901


Consulate General of Italy

Address: Rua José de Alencar, 313 - Menino Deus

Contact: (51) 3230.8200


General Consulate of Tunisia

Address: Rua dos Andradas, 1121 - Historic Center

Contact: (51) 3226.6677


General Consulate of Portugal

Address: Rua Prof. Annes Dias, 112/ 10th floor - Historic Center

Contact: (51) 3061.5767


General Consulate of Chile

Address: Rua Padre Chagas, 79 - Moinhos de Vento

Contact: (51) 3346.3970


General Consulate of Paraguay

Address: Rua Dr. Barcelos, 2237 – Camaquã

Contact: (51) 3241.9576


Consulate General of Uruguay

Address: Rua 24 de Outubro, 850. Room 305 - Moinhos de Vento

Contact: (51) 3325.6198


Honorary Consulate of Austria

Address: Rua Antônio Carlos Berta 475 cj 1401 - Passo da Areia

Contact: (51) 3073.7100


Honorary Consulate of Belgium

Address: Av. Bastian, 396 – Menino Deus

Contact: (51) 3235.6500


Honorary Consulate of Finland

Address: Rua Comendador Azevedo, 224 – Floresta

Contact: (51) 3511.8458


Honorary Consulate of France

Address: Av. Christopher Columbus, 2240/402 - Floresta

Contact: (51) 3103.4476


Honorary Consulate of Guatemala

Address: Rua Padre Chagas, 415 - set 201 – Moinhos de Vento

Contact: (51) 3022.8388


Honorary Consulate of Hungary

Address: October 24, 408/402 – Independência

Contact: (51) 9.9679-4000


Polish Honorary Consulate

Address: Av. pres. Franklin Roosevelt, 929/201 - Navegantes

Contact: (51) 9.8147-0940


Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic

Address: Dr. Alcides Cruz, nº 126 - Santa Cecília

Contact: (51) 3378-5027


Honorary Consulate of Russia

Address: Av. Erico Verissimo, 720/702 – Moinhos de Vento

Contact: (51) 3061.4615


Honorary Consulate of Serbia

Address: Rua Dom Pedro II, 1411 – Auxiliadora

Contact: (51) 3358.0500


Swiss Honorary Consulate

Address: Av. Saint Peter, 1545 – São Geraldo

Contact: (51) 3222.2025


Luxembourg Honorary Consulate

Address: Rua Barão do Triunfo, 576/201 – Azenha

Contact: (51) 3217.0991


Canadian Honorary Consulate

Address: Av. Carlos Gomes, 222 - room 808 - Auxiliadora

Contact: (51) 3378.5210


Honorary Consulate of Ecuador

Address: Rua Caju, 28/803 – Petrópolis

Contact: (51) 3315.5921


Honorary Consulate of Lebanon

Address: Rua Dr. Flores, 263 - Historic Center

Contact: (51) 3211.2214


Honorary Consulate of Peru

Address: Av. Loureiro da Silva, 2001 – Farroupilha

Contact: (51) 3025.1900


UK Honorary Consulate

Address: Rua Antenor Lemos, 57 - set 303 - Menino Deus

Contact: (51) 3232.1414


Honorary Consulate of the Netherlands

Address: Av. Bagé, 1199/601 - Petrópolis

Contact: (51) 3331.3832


Japan Consular Office

Address: Av. João Obino, 467 – Petrópolis

Contact: (51) 3334.1299


The energy matrix distributes electricity to the entire metropolitan region. Voltage is 110-120v/60Hz, as in the United States. Regarding plugs and sockets, Porto Alegre still does not have a single standardized type.


The Civil Police, the Federal Police and the Military Brigade (Military Police) are responsible for the security of citizens, including the protection and surveillance of public and private assets. The police are present in all departments and regions of the municipality.


Military Police (Brigade): is the uniformed police, responsible for the safety of the population and for preventing crimes from occurring. As a form of prevention, the military police carry out ostensible policing. When necessary, it must also pursue criminals and may carry out arrests, provided they comply with the law. In situations of high concentration of people, the Military Police acts by guiding people, ensuring the maintenance of order.

Contact: Dial 190 for emergencies.


Civil Police: its function is investigative. It is the entity that acts after the crime has occurred, is responsible for the investigation and arrest of those accused of breaking the law. It is at the Police Station that occurrences are registered, the investigation is opened and, under the command of the delegate, investigations must run in search of evidence and witnesses.

Contact: Dial 197 for emergencies.


DPTUR: Tourist Office

Address: Av. Severus Dullius, 90010

Phone: (51) 3358.2255



Federal Police: acts throughout the national territory and participates in cases of infraction against the Brazilian State, in occurrences involving more than one state of the federation or other countries. It is up to the Federal Police to prevent and repress drug trafficking and smuggling, and to protect borders (through maritime, airport and border police).

Contact: dial 194 for emergencies.



Federal Highway Police: patrols and ensures that traffic laws are obeyed on federal highways. Guard traffic on federal roads and their accesses. It records accidents and criminal facts that occurred there.



Firefighters: Porto Alegre has the fire service for the entire municipality and region. The fire department is responsible for prevention (PPCI and regularization of events) and fire fighting, search and rescue, assistance to Civil Defense and military judicial police actions.

Contact: dial 193 for emergencies.


Private security companies

There are several private security companies in Porto Alegre. Each offers a portfolio of services, including personal and business security services such as logistics, bodyguards, security systems, equipment, bulletproof cars and bulletproof car rentals, etc.


The hospital network provides general and emergency health services to thousands of people. In addition to municipal and university departments, clinics and hospitals, there are many private clinics and hospitals that offer a variety of medical services.

Urgent and Emergency Care - Network with the Municipality

Hospital Cristo Redentor

Domingos Rubbo Street, 20 – Bairro Cristo Redentor

(51) 3361-3366

Hospital da Criança Conceição

Rua Álvares Cabral, 693 – Bairro Cristo Redentor

(51) 3361-1031

Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre

Rua Ramiro Barcelos, 2350 - Bairro Bom Fim

(51) 2101-8000

Hospital de Pronto Socorro

Largo Teodoro Herzl, s/nº - Bairro Bom Fim

(51) 3289-7999

Hospital Fêmina

Rua Mostardeiro, 17 - Independência Neighborhood

(51) 3311-9898

Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas

Avenida Independência, 661 - Bairro Centro

(51) 3289-3000

Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Avenida Francisco Trein, 596 – Bairro Cristo Redentor

(51) 3357-2000

Hospital Parque Belém

Avenida Professor Oscar Pereira, 8.300 - Bairro Belém Velho

(51) 3318-4555

Hospital São Lucas da PUC

Avenida Ipiranga, 6690 – Bairro Jardim Botânico

(51) 3320-3000

Instituto de Cardiologia

Avenida Princesa Isabel, 395 - Bairro Santana

(51) 3230-3600

Santa Casa (Hospitais Criança Santo Antônio, Pavilhões Pereira Filho e São José)

Rua Professor Annes Dias, 285 - Bairro Centro

(51) 3214-8080


Porto Alegre has complete telecommunication services, including corporate communications via satellite, Internet services for all needs, cell phones, radio telephones, local, regional, national and international internal telephone circuits.

Mobile phones

Several companies offer mobile telephony services with national and international coverage: Vivo, Tim and Claro are the most known and used.


The capital of Rio Grande do Sul is recognized for having excellence and advanced technology. Connected by fiber optics, the city offers the largest network of WiFi Zones in Brazil that allows a completely free wireless connection to the web from buildings and public parks and their surroundings, including bars, restaurants and hotels.

Several companies offer a variety of subscription Internet services (cable, wireless, etc).





Water and sewage




Anatel (communication)


Civil Police


Women’s service


Federal Police


Emergency medical care – SAMU


Military Police


Fire department


Federal highway Police


Civil defense





EPTC (transit and transport)

156 / 118 / 3289.0118 (para ligações de fora de Porto Alegre)



Human rights


SUS (health)

156 / 3289.0156 (connections from other cities)