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Local and typical foods from several countries with the same quality of international cuisine make the gastronomy of Porto Alegre a multiple and unforgettable itinerary. In different regions of the city there are varied options, whether for a simple and honest meal, a quick or more elaborate snack or, even, to make lunch or dinner the main program combining quality and fair price. One thing is certain: the typical and succulent “gaucho” barbecue prepared in traditional steakhouses cannot be left out of the picture.

A diversified offer forms the tasty and welcoming map of the local gastronomy, in attractive environments and beautiful settings. Just choose between classic, innovative or casual restaurants, gourmet spaces in shopping malls, pubs, bistros and cafes, many located inside bookstores and beautiful flower shops. There are many more and more specialized hamburgers, traditional and creative patisseries, simple bakeries or the luxurious boulangeries or bakeries. Cafes, with their increasingly inviting environments and menus, are always a good option. The neighborhoods Moinhos de Vento, Cidade Baixa and Bom Fim have great options and are also the busiest if you are interested in enjoying bars, bistros and pubs, from the most sophisticated to cult and alternative. Different spaces for happy hours offer panoramic views of the city or an exclusive cabin to enjoy the sunset on Lake Guaíba. Porto Alegre's nightlife has styles and circuits for all tastes and, like the city, is vibrant, eclectic and creative.


The hotel complex in Porto Alegre has approximately 18 thousand beds. It is diversified and of excellent standard to meet different audiences in all comfort and service requirements. The network is formed by international and national flags.

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Route Network

The capital has a strategic location and allows the arrival of tourists from Europe and Latin America to Porto Alegre on non-stop flights. Connected, Porto Alegre has direct air connections with capitals in Brazil, including Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Destinations such as Foz do Iguaçu and Florianópolis are accessible in just over 1 hour by flight. Regional flights connect the interior to the capital and facilitate the integration of important itineraries such as the Missions.

Road Mesh

Porto Alegre has a privileged location. A strategic point within Mercosur, it is the geographic center of the main routes of the Southern Cone, equidistant from both Buenos Aires and Montevideo, as well as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


Porto Alegre is among the five Brazilian cities that receive the most international events, according to the International Congress & Convention Association (ICAA) 2019. Throughout the year, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul hosts scientific and corporate events, fairs, shows and congresses in various areas.


Creative District of Porto Alegre

In the Floresta and São Geraldo neighborhoods, part of the 4th District, the Creative District of Porto Alegre was created in 2013. There are almost 90 participants, artists and their ateliers, art galleries, antique shops, decoration stores, architects, designers, music, art and dance schools. Innovation spaces, coworking and creative collectives enable workshops, experiences and the acquisition of differentiated products.


With more than 35 registered microbreweries, Porto Alegre offers a variety of types and recipes for craft beers spread across the city. In addition to tasting, it is possible to visit the factories and learn a little more about the production process.


Porto Alegre's cuisine is multiple, creative and full of influences. Be sure to check out the classics: the gaucho cheese, the fruit salad from the Public Market stalls, the galeterias and, of course, a good barbecue. Take the opportunity to harmonize with a craft beer. Spaces such as Cais Embarcadero, Dado Food Hall, Vila Roubadinhas, Boulevard Laçador concentrates gastronomic diversity for all audiences.


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