Vai dar Nada

Vai dar nada
Feature films
Jorge Furtado

This is a feature film by Comedy that tells the story of a motorcycle and six characters in the labyrinth of many laws. Kelson is a thief and the motorcycle is his work tool. He needs a bigger motorbike to be able to evade the powerful police motorbikes. Fernando, who has a junkyard for stolen cars, sells to Kelson Brasilite's motorcycle, a dangerous bandit, it was apprehended by the police in his prison. Suzi is a police officer who diverts seized vehicles from arrested thugs, a thief who robs thieves. Jessica is Kelson's young sister, she wants to make it in life on the right side of the law, to be a lawyer. Odair is a lawyer, for Fernando, and also for Kelson. Odair is in love with Jessica. Brasilite gets out of jail and wants his bike, and the head of whoever took it.