Redenção Park

Redenção Park

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Donated to the city on October 24, 1807 by the governor Paulo José da Silva Gama, the place was initially called Potreiro da Várzea or Campos da Várzea do Portão, later changing to Campos do Bom Fim, due to the proximity of the Church. of Nosso Senhor do Bom Fim (1867) and the festivities that took place there.

On September 9, 1884, the Chamber proposed that the park be renamed Campos de Redenção, in honor of the liberation of slaves in the third district of the capital. The first landscaping took place in 1901, when the Military School (1872) and the Engineering School (1896) already existed in the park area.

With the Commemorative Exhibition of the Centenary of the Farroupilha Revolution, in 1935, the park became Parque Farroupilha, as the transitory event effected the total occupation of this space. On September 19, 1935, Campos da Redenção received the name of Parque Farroupilha, through Municipal Decree 307/3.

The Jardim Alpino, Jardim Ocidental and Jardim Oriental nooks were established in 1941. In 1978 the Brique da Redenção was created and in 1997 the park was listed as a historic, cultural, natural and scenic heritage of Porto Alegre.

On site, there are several leisure options, such as the amusement park, the train rides and pedal boats, the Bom Fim Market (where there are convenience stores and snacks), the Ecological Fair (on Saturday mornings).

In addition to several places, such as Orquidário, Recanto Alpino, Recanto Oriental, Recanto Ocidental, Solar, Fonte Luminosa, Espelho d’água and Auditorium Araújo Viana, the park also has 38 monuments, especially the Monument to the Expeditionary. There are about 10,000 trees, of species such as chal-chal, pitangueira, paineira, tipuana, cocão, california palm, bridal wreath, rosewood, ipê-roxo and cypress.